Don’t Jostle With Joists

A Revolutionary New Slimline Shower Tray From Kudos
Connect2 is a revolutionary new slimline shower tray from Kudos that boasts a truly unique feature. It’s been designed specifically to avoid floor joists, ensuring it retains its super-low profile when installed.

The Connect2 tray, that stands at just 35mm in height, is guaranteed to avoid all standard joist sizes and spans thanks to the precise positioning of a unique offset dual waste outlet, allowing the installer to choose the waste clear from obstruction to connect.  The tray may have to be rotated 90 or 180 degrees (dependent on shape) to accommodate the fixed joists, but once set, the installer simply uses the blanking plug provided to seal the unused waste and plumb in the hi-flow waste and trap, avoiding any need to lift the tray off the floor.  If both waste holes are free then both wastes can be connected for even faster water removal.  A re-inforced, magnetically secured waste cover, that’s easily removed for cleaning, then sits neatly over the plugs to complete the installation.

We manufacture our Connect2 range of shower trays in a high gloss white acrylic capped ABS filled with a structural resin bonded stone for maximum strength and stability.  The collection offers 12 sizes, each coming complete with a high flow waste rated to 35 litres of water per minute.

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