Aqua4ma Wet Room Solutions

Aqua4ma is a patented wet room system from Kudos Showers.
It’s a system designed to be easy and quick to install as it comprises smart uPVC panels that allow fitting and tiling the same day with no drying times.

Aqua4ma utilises an in-floor galvanized steel tray, which makes fitting the waste easier, and pre-shaped extruded uPVC shower deck which is waterproof and can be fitted to both wooden and solid floors. Additional uPVC floor and wall panels can be added to create a complete wet-floor or total wet-room solution. Joints are solvent welded together to form a solid strucure which is guaranteed waterproof for life. Floor and wall panels can be screwed directly to wooden floors or bonded to solid floors with a cement based flexible tile adhesive. The uPVC panels self seal around screws so no further treatment is required and the system is ready to tile or finish with vinyl flooring within minutes of fitting.

The result is a high performance, modern, sleek and stylish finish and a great base for Kudos Ultimate Walk in showering glass panels. For more details on what makes our wet room system so popular link here