Investment Continues

Kudos Are Committed To Continue Investment
As the country encourages economic growth around the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to continue with our planned £650,000 investment to expand our UK manufacturing capability.

Early in 2020, Kudos moved its finished goods stock from our manufacturing site in Cumbria to a new 60,000 sq ft warehouse facility in Sandbach, Cheshire. It was a growth initiative for our business, that has been commited to UK manufacturing of its products since 1999. The move, now completed, not only places our finished goods stock in a more central UK location with easier access to the motorway network, it also released around 25,000 sq ft of space in our Elmsfield Park, Cumbria facility enabling the expansion of our manufacturing capability. In addition to increasing our enclosure output, the extra capacity will see the installation of a new shower tray production facility to supplement the existing tray manufacturing unit in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, which has seen growth by over 50% in the last three years and is rapidly approaching full capacity.

Original founder and now Group Chairman & CEO of Kudos International, Bruce Ledwith explains: “Kudos has been commited to UK manufacturing since our conception over 20 years ago and whilst the past few months have been a challenge for all businesses, we’ve been delighted with the positive feedback and commitment to Kudos from our displaying showrooms. The level of activity in our market sector and our customers’ positivity towards Kudos was a major contributing factor in our decision to press ahead with our investment to expand our UK manufacturing capability at this time”.