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  • connect2

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  • connect2

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connect2 from Kudos Showers

style, sophistication and complete versatility

connect2 is a uniquely designed shower tray featuring two offset waste positions that ensures obstruction free connection, irrespective of the direction or position of joists

Make joist obstructions a problem of the past

  • Unique design avoids the need to cut joists or lift the tray on a plinth
  • Guaranteed to work with all standard joist sizes and spans*
  • High Gloss Acrylic Capped ABS skin for greater durablity and resistance to impact damage or staining
  • Structural Resin Bonded Stone Filler for increased stability
  • Super-slim… just 35mm high
  • All connect2 trays are supplied with re-inforced magnetic waste cover, blanking plug and a dedicated high flow waste rated to 35 litres per minute.
  • Covered by the KUDOS Lifteime Guarantee¬†
  • Optional KAMBA Anti-Slip Coating

* With a connect 2 tray the abliity to connect to at least one of the waste holes is guaranteed provided that the span between joists is no less than 305mm and the joist width does not exceed 75mm

Guarantee applies to material and manufacturing defects only. See full Terms and Conditions

Eliminating the need to raise the tray on a plinth


Joists running length of tray

Where joists run parallel to the length of the tray and both holes are obstructed, simply turn the tray 180¬°. The unique offset postion will ensure both will be free.


Joists running width of tray

Where joists run parallel to the width of the tray at least one hole will always be clear.


All square trays can be turned to one of four positions ensuring that one or both waste positions are available.




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