Design & Innovation

The Difference is in the detail

With a reputation for designing and manufacturing showering products that are superbly engineered, KUDOS are continuously creating & incorporating innovative technologies underpinning our approach. Providing solutions to ease fitting, improve maintenance and ensuring our products are fit for purpose. KUDOS technologies explained:

LifeShield™ Glass Protection

The first permanent protection system for glass comes as standard on all KUDOS products. Kudos has a reputation for designing and manufacturing beautiful shower enclosures, wet room panels and bath screens, and now, with Lifeshield as standard, you’ll find keeping your KUDOS product looking as good as new is easy. Easy to clean, easy to maintain and only available from KUDOS, Lifeshield’s unique system helps to repel dirt and makes cleaning quick and easy – maintaining your Kudos product in pristine condition for years to come.

How it works: Lifeshield uses the very latest nanotechnology to deliver a unique bond with the glass that leaves the surface totally smooth and helps to resist the build-up of unsightly limescale and soap deposits. Totally clear, UV stable and extremely durable, Lifeshield won’t peel or flake and unlike some other systems you don’t need any specialist cleaners or top-up products to maintain its dirt-repellent properties.

Unlike many other glass protection systems, Lifeshield won’t just last for a few months – it offers glass protection for life. KUDOS have built a reputation for precision engineering and quality manufacture that’s why LifeshieldTM is one of the strongest and most durable systems available.

High Performance

Using our SmartSeal technology with crystal clear class-to-glass corner joint seals providing a watertight bond on our enclosures and click-to-lock hinges on our bathscreens, our products are all high performance shower approved. References relating to product suitability for use with high performance showers assume that the showerhead is positioned appropriately for normal shower use and does not include spray extending beyond the width of the screen.

Lifetime Guarantee

Every KUDOS product comes with our no quibble Lifetime Guarantee, in accordance with our terms and conditions, to give you complete peace of mind. And as part of our commitment to delivering the very best shower products, Lifeshield Glass Protection is guaranteed for life too.

Made In Britain

All KUDOS products are hand-built in our own factories in Cumbria and Coleraine. We are proud of our heritage and proud to be one of the few remaining bathroom companies still committed to manufacture in the UK.


Kudos Customer Service

Need some help? Whether you are not sure which is the right product for you, how to care for your product or having technical difficulties, we’ll get you the help you need.


A Lifetime Guarantee

With the added peace of mind provided by the Kudos Lifetime Guarantee on all products, our approach delivers the very showering solutions suitable for all types of installations



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